Magic Sponge

Cleans Superbly Without Detergent!

Better Feminine Health
SC sanitary pads contain therapeutic herbal infusion and minerals obtained through cutting-egde Nano Technology Extraction method, which have anti-bacterial properties that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and prevent problems caused by bacterial proliferation.

1 Natural Plant Extracts: A combination of carefully selected ingredients soothe and protect delicate areas so women stay comfortably dry, fresh and hygienic all day and night.

2 Negative Ions : To cleanse blood, energise cells, improve immunity function and promote metabolism.
3 Far Infrared Rays : Can improve blood circulation in the capillaries & help expel metabolic wastes and strengthen immune functions.
4 Nano Silver : Acts as anti-septic agent and can reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Ultra Thin Day Use

Code: 89622 Length: 24.5cm
Pack of 20 pads
Ultra Thin Overnight

Code: 89623 Length: 29cm
Pack of 10 pads
Ultra Thin Pantyliner

Code: 89624 Length: 16cm
Pack of 30 pads

Sealed for Hygiene
Individually packaged and sealed in aluminium foil for convenience and maximum hygiene. To help ease menstrual or feminine health problem, it is advised to also use Pantyliners after menstrual period for better results.

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