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Yao Zhi ccdisk1.8 the latest 0327 (0)

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Yao Zhi ccdisk1.8 latest 0327 perfect break automatically install version (server + client + crack patch + client-side caching)

This version would like to thank 6-6.CN bad network, he gave me a crack patch, again perfect through the assembly and testing site, available.

In fact CCDISK since from version 1.3 to use the hard drive serial number algorithm, we used to use crack version 1.60905, in fact, it is modified version of version 1.4,
What the performance did not improve, CCDISK1.6 version of the maximum speed that is right between 10M-12M. Then we can try this version next, with the site
1.8 version of the dedicated client, feel the speed how, if still not satisfied, you can download: CCDISK client cache software will bring more speed
Version 1.8 support:
1. Support multi-disk
2. To enhance the cache algorithm
3. Support 2008Cluster
4. Add RAM disk support
5. Support the added ISO 
Internet cafes download cable remote Chi CCDISK perfect virtual disk 1.8 crack version Help
X said about some of the cattle can only break even after only 10 users, and in this I can say is that you RP problem. I tested N times, each can succeed!
1, C drive partition size: 9.31G (DM area with hours 1000M). Size must be a 1000M, were not the 1000M% 95 chance of failure, the system must be as clean system, and did not installed CCDISK.
2, only after more than a line to continue the installation, after installing CCDisk server. Do not run CCDISK, and then end the process CakeService.exe
3, open CCDISK installation directory \ 1.8Crack crack patch file \ Run hard drive serial number. Exe
4, change the drive serial number changed C :9035-6876, and then restart the computer.
4, open the installation again heads \ 1.8Crack crack patch file \, run the perfect break . reg into the registry.
5, once again restart the computer or CCDisk services, can a perfect break .


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